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To qualify for FREE ThickenUP® Protein Shake & ThickenUP® samples, you need to be a healthcare professional or have consulted with a healthcare professional who has assessed your swallowing and has recommended that you thicken your fluids to an IDDSI level 2 (mildly thick), 3 (moderately thick) or 4 (extremely thick).

Healthcare professionals can assist individuals in receiving a sample kit by completing the required fields with the individual's shipment address and contact information.

Note: the program allows one sample kit per address.

Each ThickenUp Protein Shake + ThickenUp Clear sample kit includes:

- One (1) single serving 25g sachet mix of ThickenUp Protein Shake Vanilla flavour
- One (1) single serving 25g sachet mix of ThickenUp Protein Shake Chocolate flavour
- Three (3) sachets of 1.4 g of ThickenUp Clear that can be used to thicken drinks or foods.
- One (1) shaker bottle
- One (1) Guide for Individuals Requiring Swallowing Support
- Coupons for ThickenUp Protein Shake and ThickenUp Clear which can be redeemed at major retail pharmacies.


For any questions regarding the ThickenUP® Protein Shake & ThickenUP Clear free sampling program, please contact your Nestlé Health Sciences Sales representative, or contact Nestlé Health Science Customer Services at 1 800 565-1871.

Sample kits are available for Canadian shipping addresses only. Limit of one (1) sample kit per household.

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