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What Is The OPTIFAST Program?

The OPTIFAST program is a medically supervised weight management program that closely monitors and assesses progress towards better health and emotional well-being. The program combines medical monitoring through a multidisciplinary medical team, lifestyle education, behavioural modification and a high-protein, complete nutrition, portion-controlled meal replacement (OPTIFAST® 900 meal replacement shake).


What Is OPTIFAST® 900?

Optifast® 900 is a powdered meal replacement beverage providing complete nutrition and excellent source of protein. It is nutritionally balanced with carbohydrates, fat, fibre, vitamins and minerals. It is available in 2 flavours: Chocolate and Vanilla.

When Is OPTIFAST® 900 Used?

The Optifast® Weight Management Program is a comprehensive, medically supervised program that limits calorie intake with Optifast® 900, while providing the support and expertise of healthcare professionals. It provides educational resources on nutrition, behaviour modification and healthy living to help your patients achieve their weight loss goals and support their long-term success.

How To Get OPTIFAST® 900?

OPTIFAST® 900 is not available at retail or in pharmacies and should be taken under supervision of your healthcare provider.

If you are a Health Care Professional, please call 1-800-563-7853 (ext. 7018).

If you are a consumer, please click here to find a clinic near you.

How To Prepare OPTIFAST® 900?

Each 54g package of OPTIFAST® 900 powder is mixed with 300mL of water.

What Is The Fat Source In OPTIFAST® 900?

Canola and soybean oil

What Is The Carbohydrate Source In OPTIFAST® 900?

Fructose, corn maltodextrin and cocoa (chocolate flavour)

What Is The Protein Source In OPTIFAST® 900?

Milk protein isolate

What Are The Storage Instructions For OPTIFAST® 900?

Store in a cool dry place. If frozen, it may clump and not dissolve properly once mixed. This storage practice is not recommended, but if necessary, let it thaw before mixing.

Can I Substitute The Water For Skim Milk When I Prepare My OPTIFAST® 900 Shake?

We do not recommend that you substitute the water for skim milk when preparing your OPTIFAST 900 shake. The skim or low fat milk will provide additional calories as well as carbohydrates, and may affect your rate of weight loss.

Where Do I Find An Optifast Clinic?

To find a list of Optifast Clinics in Canada, please click here.

How Do I Receive A Code?

In order to receive a code, you need to be either enrolled in an authorized Optifast clinic program or your an authorized doctor has prescribed Optifast® 900 for you. The authorized clinic manager or your doctor will provide a code to you.