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High Contrast

To send FREE cases of COMPLEAT® Junior 1.5 product directly to the individual’s home upon completion of the study, please complete the required fields below and enter the PIN code provided to you. A delivery tracking notice will be sent to the email inputted in the “Email” field. This can be either the email of the healthcare professional or the individual.

You can use the same code and your email for all study subjects. An order confirmation number will be generated once the order is placed, and it will be necessary to track the delivery status. Orders are shipped within 2-3 days after order confirmation.

Please order enough Compleat Junior 1.5 to last for 3 months. A new order will need to be placed every 3 months until Compleat Junior 1.5 is available through Ontario Drug Benefit (ODB) reimbursement, or two years from study completion.

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