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The COMPLEAT® brand is a family of complete nutrition formulas suitable for adults and children who require an oral or tube feeding product. They are made with real food ingredients to support those looking for options that include a variety of fruits and vegetables. These formulas can be used as sole nutrition or as a nutrient-rich base for real food homemade oral and tube feeding recipes.


COMPLEAT® Online Sample Request for Healthcare Professionals

To send a FREE case of a COMPLEAT® or COMPLEAT® Junior product directly to a patient’s home, complete the required fields below and enter the PIN code provided by your Nestlé Health Science representative. A delivery tracking notice will be sent to the email inputted in the “Email” field. This can be either the email of the healthcare professional or the patient.

Note the program allows one sample case of a COMPLEAT® or COMPLEAT® Junior product per patient address, however you can use the same code and your email for multiple patients. If you require more than one case for a patient, please contact your Nestlé Health Science representative.

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