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BOOST® Soothe is a refreshing and cooling clear nutritional drink, with 10 g of whey protein isolate and 0 g of fat (per 237 ml). It contains no artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners and has been specially formulated to avoid ingredients that are known to have a metallic aftertaste.

BOOST® Soothe Sample Request by Healthcare Professionals

To send a FREE sample of BOOST® Soothe directly to a patient’s home, complete the required fields below and enter the PIN code provided by your Nestlé Health Science representative. A delivery tracking notice will be sent to the email inputted in the “Email” field. This can be either the email of the healthcare professional OR the patient.

Note the program allows one sample of BOOST® Soothe per patient address, but you can use the same code and your email for multiple patients.

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